Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Instead of epson calt can you ise regular in your bath water?


Probably wouldn't be a problem. The salt might make your skin itch, though.

Have you tried Proactiv?

did it work for you? i was just curious. my friend told me it made her face worse.

no it didnt help me , i got allergy

Yes. I got the 60-day kit off-line, and within 2 days my skin felt amazingly smoother. The blemishes seemed to get a bit bigger, and turn a bit more red, but after that they vanished! I would recommend it, it worked much faster and better than other systems I tried (Murad, Clean & Clear, Nutrugena.) :) Good Luck.

This product worked for me for about a year, and it was great but all of a sudden out of no where I started breaking out really bad, and now I have a little scaring from it.

I know use what a friend had recommened to me back then is all of the Mary Kay Skin Care line! OMG! has this mad a huge difference in my life! before I didnt want to go anywhere and I spent a LOT of money on stuff that didnt work, well I found the answer and it was the Mary Kay Products.

Check out

I would suggest these products below:

Timewise Miracle Set

Mary Kay Mineral Foundation and Brush

And see how these things work for you! Im excited your almost on your way to almost perfect skin! The skin you've always dreamed of!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Id love to be your own Personal Beauty Consultant! :-)

Have a wonderful day!

it worked great for me.

and most things get worse before they get better.

Appearace wise. How can a male look different everyday?

not by wearing different clothes just by appearance

GIRLS what do you usually look for in a guy

1st -a goods speller,

2nd- shoes, you need nice shoes

3rd- hair and clean nails

4 th- some type of smell good

he can become a tranny!

Can you type out a loud fart sound I need it for a cartoon I

NOT pfffffft

pffffft is what you say when you like dissapprove something

"becky is so hot i wanna date her."

"pfffft shes so ugly!"

lol no more english teaching!

id say:

KaboOOOOoom! lol

PppfffferrrrrRRrrrrt ! *rattling the chair**


or just write *farrrrt*

I alway use PFFT!

It also works like pssh,,,, kind of like pfft, whatever!




Haha i dont know!

Which wrist should i put?

my tiffany bracelet left or right?

which ever hand you dont write with in may get in they way of writing i always put mine on my left hand(sometimes) because im right handed but its all up to you

I always wear mine on my left probably because I am right-handed.

thats all personal preference i usually put my bracelets on my left hand but its what feels comfortable to you

About how much would a belly piercing cost?

With the cleaning solution and a simple barbell? (like a fake diamond)

normally around 40 dollars.. it varies on where you go and what jewerly you get.

I live in Canada, and for $85 dollars I got pierced with a diamond belly ring and got the H2Ocean cleaning solution.

$60 for a curved barbell or $65 for a curved barbell with diamond (which I got) and then $20 for the H2Ocean. It all depends where you go and what cleaning solutions they sell there.


Mine was $70 but it varies from place to place



I like the look of a reverse frenum ladder, only thing is sometimes surface piercings will come out. The reverse frenum is also enjoyable for your partner. Healing for this piercing is much quicker than the Prince Albert.

Well I have no opinion of any enhancements, but unless you're in a monogamous relationship, they're not a good die; they greatly increase the chance of condom breakage.

I've never been with a guy who had it done but just seeing it in pics online scared the hell out of me so I can't imagine seeing it in real life. Bleah!

My opinion - don't

im guessing no...

I want a tattoo on my inner wrist, will it hurt a lot?

I don't do well with pain. To me, getting my blood drawn with a butterfly needle is painful (but tolerable). But I really want a tattoo on my inner wrist.

On a scale of 1 to 10, for those who have a tattoo there, how much does it hurt? And any suggestions?

Hey, I just got one on my inner wrist a few days ago. If its not too big, it should take around 15-20 mins. Everyone has a different threshold for pain. I have a very low tolerance for pain, and I thought it was tolerable but couldn't imagine sitting through an hour long tattoo, for example. The pain is similar to nicking yourself while shaving (meaning that painful pinch if what you feel the entire time the needle is in your skin). But the needle is not continuously in your skin as the artist constantly stops to wipe blood and ink. If you are really worried about the pain, reconsider because yes, it is painful but tolerable. Also really consider this because a wrist is a visible place and not only do you have to see it constantly for the rest of your life but so do others. I like my tattoo but I am a bit self conscious of it now, though I hope this will pass. Good luck with your decision.

Depends on your tolerance in pain to be able to know how it hurts. I on the other hand have high tolerance so of course I'm going to say it doesn't hurt it just feels tingling and a hot knife carving on your body. That's the best way to explain it. Start off small if you're not sure then once you know then go for what you really want or nothing at all.

i just got my wrist done like about a month ago.

& i am the same if i ever have to get anything at the doc, i only use the butterfly needle!

getting tattoo's is alot different of a pain then getting your blood drawn.

& from expierence the wrist one does not hurt all that bad on a scale of 1-10 ten being awful i would say its a 3 to be honest.

I have one on my inner wrist and it only hurt once they were going over a vain. It all depends on the person. I have really sensitive skin so my skin got kinda puffy so I didn't really feel anything.

Tattoos hurt but it's different hurt. I hate getting my blood drawn! But, I have over 8 hrs of work on me!

Tattooing on sensitive skin..?

These questions on being allergic to the ink and stuff is getting me nervous. I'm pretty pale and my skin is very sensitive to lotions and soaps. What if my skin reacts badly to a tattoo? I wasn't scared about getting one until now..

I have very very very sensative skin, like extremely. I got a tattoo on my chest (well, breast to be honest) which is pretty sensative, and i had a sunburn at the time.

I didn't react to anything, not even the ointment he gave me for aftercare.

Just make sure you tell your artist about your sensative skin.

When you go to the tattoo shop explain to them your concerns and i am sure they will answer any questions you have. For sensetive skin, the only thing i know that could happen is an allergic reaction which you don't want. Or the tattoo will just become extrremely swollen and look puffy. Best advice is to ask a professional tattooist. I have 2 tattoos btw.

you'll be fine. i have sensitive skin, and i have 6 tattos. and i got them all within my 18th 19th birth day! they are very addicting.

What are some signs that could mean my industrial piercing is infected?

I got an industrial piercing 3 weeks ago and I am super paranoid it's going to get infected... Are there any sign of infection I should look for instead of just obsessively checking a billion times a day?

A lot of people get infection and irritation mixed up.

Infections are: hot to the touch, red, swollen, yellow/green pus, and usually has an odor.

In the event you do have an infection, do NOT remove the jewelry (you'll get an abscess) and see your doctor right away.




-Warm to the touch

-Malodorous dark yellow/green/brow/red pus

-Bump [or bumps] that look like big boils

I was just wonderin' do u get pimples if you do not get enough sleep and also what do you prefer like (clearasil or proactive or something) for your pimples..

sleep is very important for clear skin.

How do i stop stretch marks!?

im starting to get stretch marks. i am very thin, so how is this possible and how can i stop it!?

i have them to. there is this stretch mark cream by NIVEA. it works great! and good luck :-)

I have them too. Anyone any size can get them, I'm thin as well. Use vitamin E oil, raw unrefined shea butter that you could also order off line. Cocoa butter is not all that good, shea is much better. Order off amazon

Unfortunately nothing really STOPS stretch marks but Cocoa Butter often helps to a point. Look for the thicker, creamier products opposed to runny lotions.

Pure aloe vera gel, and coca butter is good for this. Palmer's Butter also works.

use some organics products

When i shve down there i get red bumps that seem to be ingrown hairs?

so i try to shave down there and every time i do i get red bumps the whole area the next day. ive tried lotion prior to shaving and then after. ive caked lotion on before and it doesn't help. yeah my razors are clean and new. is there anyway to prevent them or get rid of the bumps and ingrown hairs?

I used to have the same problem too, but there is a gel out there (im sorry i dont remember the name of it), but if you go down the isle where the shaving cream is im sure you will find it. It's specifically for the bikini area and it does wonders, and its not expensive.

try this, wait a week or so let it grow out and let your skin calm down down there. then either shower or take a bath for at least ten minutes to let your pores completely open up. then with a brand new razor take the hand your not using to shave and pull up on your skin in betweenn your pubes and your belly button so it stretches then start on the sides right at the top going diagonally outwards and straight up in the middle don't press hard and work your way down. when you get down to where your vagina really is shave up first the outwards to get the rest of the hairs and thenvoilaa!

This probably sounds weird but after your done shaving put some deodorant on everywhere you shaved and you shouldn't get bump. I'm not sure why it works but it does. Just do it after everytime you shave and after showers and stuff. Try to use a moisturizing deodorant like dove or something.

yep. shave correctly. it should always be damp and soaked with warm water to open the pores. USE SHAVING CREAM. then GENTLY shave against the grain. DONT PRESS. if you miss hairs, well heheh dont go over it again as it will cause irritation. eventually youll get the hang of it. lol

Have you tried using shaving cream that is specifically made for minimizing shave bumps for the bikini area? I think that lotion doesn't work because it's to moisturize the skin it has nothing to do with the ingrown hair.

omg i have that TOO!! i have found its the under wear that i wear sometimes irritates it but also i cut myself so yeah

omg im so glad i thought that i was retarted or something


So here's the deal I like my room and everything and stuff i have to sleep with the light off or my mom gets mad i have a TV on & a nightlight i can use it doesn't even work it helps a little but not all the way i need some good ideas i mean good i can't do this anymore i can sleep on my living room coach but my mom doesn't like it too well... I am 10. I don't have any pets either and this really weird monkey in my bedroom hanging on the wall creeps me out but my dad wouldn't like it if i moved it he gave it to me and it like spooky and my room is flat scary so please... I haven't got over this yet i really don't know how to do this it's been so hard to have to live like that in my room so please if you have ideas comment!!! if you think no just think how much it would help me and my family has troubles with money so... HELP!!!

well im afraid of the dark to and im 15 sooooooooo yeah haha.

what i have in my room is a dimmer, which basically is an attatchment to your lightswitch that allows you to dim your lights as much as you want and it takes way less electricity. and i dont believe they are to expensive.

i am sure that they sell nightlights that come brighter so they light up your room more.

but really, it is hard to avoide the dark.. i have to sleep with my tv on because i dont like the silence either, it creeps me out. and my parents get mad but i cant fall asleep easily any other way..

i hope you can figure this out !

Put your monkey in the closet before you go to bed and leave your bedroom door open....or you can just sleep in your parents bed!!!!!


What does your family having money troubles have anything to do with your post? Why does your mom care if your light is on but she doesn't care that your tv & nightlight are on?

Try to remember your childhood and the things which frightened you .

I think you are inned to have a good friend who shares you your feelings .You need also to make some practicing before bed time .Good luck .

I have this friend and shes also affraid of the dark so what she did was put glow in the dark stickers all over her room.. like everywhere on her walls..

it helped her maybe it will help you?

make a small tent on ur bed or on the floor , put the nightlight inside so u will not see anything outside it , but be careful make a window to breath , ha ha... good luck

Am I supposed to cover up my tattoos for a company party?

My tattoos are on my back and on my shoulder and will show if I wear a dress to the party. My boss will be there, everyone I work with will be there and i think it is just a regular formal office party. Obviously I cover my tattoos for work... but am I supposed to cover them up for parties too? Help?

It depends on your boss and coworkers. Do they know about them? Are they conservative?

I personally think that body art should be added to the discrimination clause. Religion is a choice and it is on there, so why not body art? I have heard about and experienced peoples change in attitude once they see a person%26#039;s tattoos. It totally sucks. Just as in race or orientation or religion, body art does not change our ability to do a great job.

Sorry for the soapbox speech!!

It depends what kind of company you work for. If it is more laid back or into arts like a design or creative advertising type of place, it is probably more acceptable. If it is a small tattoo that%26#039;s not that big of a deal, but if it%26#039;s a huge curse word or just huge in general, I would cover it. I wouldn%26#039;t show them there if you wouldn%26#039;t normally show them at work.

I have piercings and tattoos everywhere. Naturally I cover most of them at work, but for our office parties I am comfortable with them showing.

I am not on the clock and by then their opinions have been based on my work ethic and abilities, not on how I look.

And so you know, I am an accountant and work with very high profile people!

you are off the clock... you shouldn%26#039;t have to cover them all up...

do you have to cover up for work?

i have both arms tattoo%26#039;d half sleeves %26amp; 75% of my job has always known about my tattoos %26amp; they have never asked me to cover up %26amp; i work as a job recruiter for a high profile company,i interview job seekers %26amp; have to meet managers all the time...

Probably. I cover mine at work because they are not allowed. When I went to the Christmas party, I covered them as well.

Maybe ask around and see the general attitude of your boss about tattoos. If the boss is coll, then do what ever you want. As long as they are appropriate tattoos (no pot leaves, etc.), it shouldn%26#039;t be a problem.

wwww that%26#039;s a tough one! i suppose it depends on what your job is . .

** why the thumbs down?? it does depend on the job!

if the job was a shop assistant i%26#039;d say show the tatts! if it was a lawyer id say cover them!

If you are off the clock then I think you should be fine, but if you are worried about it ask around about it, or just go on the safe side and cover them. I%26#039;d personally show them.

I would, try find a shawl or something, never bring your social side into work in terms to speak

depends on what you occupation is but i would..


Spots under the skin ?

ok well i have noticed under my forehead skin that there is kinda some marks, i spose kinda like spots, some are just there and there not bumps there just there.

but i am also having trouble with pimples lately aswell :(

so what are these marks and how do i get rid of them?

also btw do any one no of any stuff even tablets that help keep skin clear and spot/pimple free ?

thanks x

It can be spots from tanning or if you pop your pimples it leaves spots as well.

I have an issue with pimples as well, i went to a dermatologist and he gave me some shots( pain free) on the pimples around the face, and the next day was as if they were never there! i dint know what the shot is called but i bet the dermatologist will know what you're talking about!

Good Luck!

spots ? maybe they're .. acne scars ?

they'll fade away eventually.

and to keep skin clear ;

get an acne face wash & don't forget to moisturize.

eat healthy, exercise.

basically, just take good care of yourself.

How do you remove calluses on your big toe? They are disgusting and I have them!?

Please help, and no expensive stuff! I am not wealthy

Soak your feet in warm water and then take a pumice stone to it.

My boyfriend gets them and they just need to be scraped off for the most part.

rub em with pumice powder..

i have no idea where to get that though

How to get rid of my pimple?

I have a HUGE pimple on my chin.

I tried to get rid of it with the Proactiv mask and Spectro Gel, but nothing works !!! I even popped it and then it came back bigger.

How do i get rid of it ?

When you wash your face take a wash cloth and use the hottest water you can stand on yout chin, this will take the inflamation out of it (the redness). Dont pick or try to pop it, it will make it worse because most pimples are deep and when you go to squeeze it, it will just make it even more red and it will just ooze your skins natural oil. Wait for it to come to a complete white head and by the hot water a white head will come faster. Dont put any makeup on it, unless you have to, and dont wear much over it if you have to. You want the skin to breath around it so that it will heal faster. You can use a healing cream on it at night if you would like, clerasil or clean and clear work really good. Remember dont pick at it love. Hope i could help! if it dosent go away then you need to see a dermatologist because it could be a sist.

Sometimes, you just have to deal with it. I have tried almost every product out there and none of them truly fit my skin type. will go on even though you have a pimple on your chin. I get a big one at least once a year and it bugs me to death. But I do put some of the products on it at night and it clears it up some. But just do not worry about it. Everyone has them...It is a part of life!!!

Clearasil Persa Gel 10

I LOVE it! and I even got my mom into using it for those random pimples that pop up.

Also, make sure you keep your face clean and that you have no makeup on when you go to bed! Wash your face when you get up, and before you go to bed.

i had one just like that , it was massive and i tryed to pop it but it never worked and made it look worse , until eventually it just went on its own

so try to just leave it, it will go ,just cover with make up thats what i did lol :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can you get a box cut fade with a cow lick?

mmm... cows

Remy Clip-In 14-inch Human Hair Extensions?

Are these the best clip in ones at sally beauty supply?

or are there better more expensive ones?

i want really good quality ones and not sure if these are the best?

does anyone have these??

if so do you like them?

Remy is basically the best hair you can get. I have the 18" ones and I love them.

How do they make their hair like this..?

In commercials, how do they make their hair so silky, healthy, and straight?

Also after I straighten my hair, it's kinda stiff-ish and not flowly and shiney. How do I get my hair like in the commercials?

use really good conditioner and shampoo, and when you straighten your hair use chi heat protecting spray...makes your hair look SOOOO shiny and silky and soft just like the hair commercials.

extremely expensive shampoo & conditioners, leave in conditioners (also very expensive), and you can get it chemically straightened or use a hair dryer or high end flat iron -not walmart cheapy flat irons.. go to a high end beauty salon.. as for shiny, they have product that helps make it shiny. just ask someone in a high end salon what you can do to make your hair like in commercials. they will tell you exactly what to do, what products to buy and how often you should use the products, how to apply the products and when you should start seeing results. also ask them how frequently you should cut your hair (it helps stimulate new growth & keeps your hair looking neat & silky).

bottom line is that if you have the money, you can have the hair. find a way to fit it into your budget.

it is a commercial. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING you see on T.V. Photo shop and airbrushing!!

Brush your hair after you straighten it. While blow drying, dry in sections and use a round brush. While straightening use a heat protector , usually a spray, and spray in sections and then straighten and repeat.

You can also buy a shine serum that you use only a few drops and rub on your hair when you are done fixing it.

Well, it helps if you drink a lot of water and eat right. What you eat, stress and a lot of other factors show in our hair. Plus it also helps to have a good grade of hair. Don't wash it alot and dont put a lot of crap in it. Use a good conditioner, like olive oil. Good Luck

use chi products like silk infusion right after and iron guard u dont need to spend money on conditions and shampoo then u can keep using the stuff u have but on the tv they also use hair extensions one time use so there hair really isnt all theres...

How long would it take if I grew my hair out for...?

My roots, the uncolored part, to reach the top of my spine, like the end of my neck so I could cut of the colored part??

if I started growing it out, how many months would that take?

about a year, maybe even longer. hair grows only about half an inch to an each each month. maybe even less. eating bacon helps hair growth, as well as massaging the scalp at least once a day to get the blood flow going. mane n' tails is supposedly said help grow your hair quicker too. [it's shampoo used for horses, but you can use it on human hair too! walmart has the cheaper ones, but they're big bottles. and they make your hair feel nice.] however i wouldn't suggest using the mane n' tails for several months in a row. maybe 2-3 weeks. then switch over to a different type for a while, then back on mane and tails for 2-3 weeks then keep it going. my moms hair dresser said mane n' tails has a bad out come after a long while of use. and apparently the hair growth stops after using it for so long in a row.

You don't need to cut the colored part, start applying some good quality hair oil and wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. It will take minimum 3 months to grow and then the colored part will automatically go. is your solution

I was shaving my girlfriend

She has really pretty long hair that goes down to her waist, and I accidentally shaved off a large chunk of it. She didn't notice though when I did it. Should I tell her, or just run away before she kills me?

runaway n sand a IM to her

Tell her ,bu; so she dosnt kill you buy her something or do something important to her so she dosnt kill you because im telling you now she will go spastic and wanna kill you i mean you cut off a large chunk of her hair

its really important you tell her before she gets humilated ifront of everyone

you shave her back...and im sure she wont care-if its that long, if its not that noticable that she hasnt notived yet-it cant be that bad, just keep the hair and stik it bak on when shes sleeping :)-or trim the rest so it looks the same :)( whens shes in a deep sleep) u can drug her if u need to :)

You were shaving her back, what is she a gorilla?

Just don't tell her, let the back hair grow over, and use it as a comb over.

1. She has a hairy back????

2. Tell her. Tell her. Tell her. Tell her. Tell her.

You should stop dating chicks with hairy backs.


apologize! that's a better way

You are a real idiot...

don't tell her; what she doesn't know wont kill her

Tell her of course!

you better tell her before she finds it on her own, and really knocks you for a loop!

kinda weird if you have to shave someones back

you shave your gf's back???

that's awkward

Perm: What is my Expected Cost?

I would like to get my hair done. I'm going to 'First Choice'. My hair is 12 inches long. How much should I be expected to pay?

It depends on how thick your hair is also. I would say around 100 on shoulder length i know we charge 65.

Hmmm...what to do with my hair?

Okay so I naturally have light-brown hair and a couple months ago I dyes it bleach blonde. I dont like how my roots are so bad.---if that made since? should I dye bleach blonde again or color it brown?????Thanks Guys :)

maybe you could let them grow out a bit and colour them a nice dark brown..... and since you would already have ur hair treated you could colour them blonde in a few months.

Variety is the spice of life ;)

If you like blonde then re-bleach it, if you don't like blonde then dye it back brown. Just remember that roots will reappear every time you dye your hair .. and also, every time you dye your hair you're killing it :|

it all depends on how u look. idk if u look better in blonde or better in brown. if u liked blonde u shuld definitely dye it blonde. :D

blonde again


i have green eyes and my hair is light brown and my hair is a bit long and i don't know what to do with it.... my hair is straight and it's reallyyyy weak what should i do ?and every time i shake my hair or like move it it gets soooo messy and i have to brush it AGAIN and AGAIN what should i do help plz...

Connect me and i'll tell you the secret

I dyed my hair last night blonde and the roots are not quite what I wanted...?

So I dyed my hair blonde, it looks good and the roots aren't all that bad, now I was thinking of buying the same dye I used but only do my roots again in a couple of days so it can reach the same tone as my ends...What do you suggest?


its not good to dye your Hair 2 days in a row it Fry's your hair and then you will have very frizzy dry hair you should wait at least a month before you dye it again

Why does my hair grow so fast?

Is there a good reason?

Your hair growth is determined by your genes, so that's what determines how fast, or slow, your hair grows. On average, hair grows 1/2 inch per month, or 6 inches per year. Most people will probably fall within the average.

Same Here , I Am not a human who have hair witch grows , I Am Hair witch have human grows.

its dead calcium so its not really growing its dieing if that makes sence lol

What are some great tips for teasing hair?

When i tease it, it just looks........weird. Idk. Any special tips?

it really depends on how you are trying to style it. try inserting your comb at a slant and start mid-shaft and stroke downwards to your scalp. and always tease on the backside of your hair so it will smooth easier. you can also try using a brush. after every section you tease, spray a small amount of aerosol spray (soft hold) on the cushion. never tease your hair around your natural parts in your hair or along the hairline because they will hard to close or smooth

well when i tease my hair, i use a small tooth comb, and then immediatly hair spray it, i also pick up about 2-3 inches of hair, start at the middle and work down really really fast (the average teasing process:P), then after i hairspray it i usually use my fingers to push it down a bit.

i usually use a teasing brush and lots of hairspray. try looking at youtube and search hair easing. watchdifferent videos and try diferent methods and see what works best for you hair.

wash wash wash! rinse rinse rinse!

start from the root.

scrunch your hand into a fist.

then put mouse or gel in your hand and scrunch.

then some hairspray to pretect

start at the root and go up from there

hope i helped

I dont know what to do!! i want to dye my hair this color but......?

this girl at my school(whose like one of my best friends) has two toned hair color.light blonde on the top, and dark brown on the bottom. i have wanted that hairstyle for soo long. even before i came to the new skool and met her. i did it once before without dying the top layer blonde. and she got mad at me. this time im dying my hair light blonde either way. help!! how can i prove to her and a bunch of other people im NOT copying her!?!?!?

Wow, tell them that just because you like a certain style doesn't mean that only one person should have it.

Just say that its not your fault that she had the hair that you wanted to have for so long.

Leave it as that.

And ignore all the rude comments that you get because

if you show that you are confident and you can rock your hair better than hers it wont even matter because you'll be the one getting the complements and she'll just have to drop it.

She's probably a jealous, rude twig in your life, don't get worked up, relax...

Anyways, it's not like she's going to be mad at you for the rest of her life.

Who cares what she thinks. Just roll your eyes and tell her, "Wow, someone has dyed their hair and it looks like yours. So horrible because no one in the world has light blond hair!"

Sarcasm usually gets the person to shut up.

Would this work if I

I made a mistake, and dyed my hair like a medium brown, and its ugly...and it just seem to won't fade. MY HAIR IS NATURALLY BLOND

would it work if I dyed it DARK BLOND *Yes I know it prob will turn orange*....and after that I would dye it the blond that I want..

Hair that has been colored can not be lighten with another color .If your hair was highlighted blonde it will fade a little faster .


I think you need to bleach it.

Regis salon in TEXAS?

i just wanted to know how much would it cost to get:

Short choppy layers

Dye job w/ purple Accents

(like the "Boss lady" in candy girls the new show on "E!")


it depends cuz i live in california and it can be anywhere from 40-60 bucks

(thanks for answering my question..)

What shampoos/remedies for dry thick hair? i want to achieve a healthy, shiny look.?

Johnson's Baby Shampoo is simply the best. It is all I use.

Hair colors? for blondes? HELP!!!?!?!?!!!?

Ok, so i'm going to get my hair colored, i like awesome bright colors, ok i've had blue,purple,orange and i wanna color that will stay in my hair for a while. i just get lots of streaks, not full head color. HELP? oh yeah, my hair color is more dirty blonde. :P

Pinnnnnnnnnnnnnk and reeeeeeeeeed

Any hot emo guys in south Florida?!!?

I get discusted how my school is filled with a bunch of gangster wannabees

and I love guys with the long emo hair maybe some lip rings or something and tattoos

I just never see them anywhere!!!its almost lyk they live in another planet lol

i know its really sad i live in south florida 2 and its pitiful WERE R U EMOS Y CANT I FIND U Y HAVE U GONE AWAY!?


ahhhh i know i hate gangster wannabe's too o_o

lol, like when guys wear there pants half way down their thigh with their boxers hanging all out and stuff like that.

do you possibly go to hollywood hills high? cause its full of gangster kids. and nasty pretend "emo boys"

hot emos?

wow, love somebody for who they are,

instead of being a poser.

get to know someone before you judge them ...

Do you like Ashley Tisdale as a brunette or a blonde???????

I like her better brunette. Which do you like?

Brunette. I think it makes her eyes stand out more. But maybe it's because I prefer dark hair. Although I do love red hair and platinum blonde.

Brunette, because she looks so much more mature with her natural color. Blonde was good, but now that she's an adult I think she should go for a more mature look :)


Blonde is too like you know old fashion

Brunette should be steping to the cat walk to the models by now

I deffinately think that she looked better blonde.


brunette!!!!! she is SO pretty with her natural hair color


brunette most deff!






How can I make my mid-length hair look good?

i also have a bit of a fringe

i'm trying to grow it all out and i know it's going to take a while so i need as much advise as i can about keeping it healthy and how to style it without using heat products


thanks in advance x

use ion leave in conditioner

its what i use for my semi-long hair and it keeps it nice and soft

also, it doesn't give you that greasy feeling that some leave conditioners give

wash with conditioner every day , but wash with shampoo every-other day

you need patience , do not get a lot of trims , only get a very small trim if you see split ends

dont use heat products and dont dye it a lot , bleaching is esp. bad for hair

You could use a little bit of mousse to put some lift and style to it, and just use your hands and style it the way you want. Good Luck!!

this isnt really an answer, but i feel the same. im trying to grow my hair past my cheast, at least to my elbow [wen i stand up] , so i can cut and donate it.

you sould straighten it using a heat protecting spray to make ur hair all goodlyyy.

and use a defrizzifier if you hv frizz

also a leav in conditioner based on ur hair type.

i have the same problem some of my fav hair styles is a cute head band that fully brings back my bangs- I LOVE IT! and the mini pony is cute too

I would say to wet your hair and then use some sort of gel to scrunch it.

It would look great, plus there will be no damage done to your hair because you aren't straightening it.

straightener or crimp it would look good.

i'd go w/ straightening it and put it in like a ponytail or something.

Put some of it up and leave some of it down

i do it alot and its really cute

Get some layers cut in. This will make it look healthy and full of volume

do what ever you want, its your hair.

die it in streaks

i am only answering coz i need to know too!!

ill check bak later to see the answers !

How do i ask my mom to let me dye over my blue?

ok. so about a month ago, i convinced my mom to let me dye the bottom part of my hair blue! she was really cool with it! (suprisingly, lol)

ANYWAY! (haha)

MOST of the blue is out, but i am in the national american miss competition, and i want it OUT!!! just so i look nicer, and not so trashy. ya know? (ha)

well i have always wanted to be a i was thinking that i could dye that over top?

i just want ways to ask my mom:)

thank you so much!

honestly, i dont think ur mom will have a problem with u getting rid of the blue hair.

be nice, and, as hard as it sounds, do some chores, maybe suck up a bit.

if money is the issue, buying a dying box from a drugstore is okay, trust me, ive tried it:)

it sounds hard now to ask her but its not. just be like yo mom like if i died my hair red do u think it would look good?? and if shes like no u can't die ur hair be like i was just kiddin. ya knw ha ha ha a joke. then talk to her abt how u can get all that blue out.


My hair is super curly, like leona lewis but thinner and shorter.

I guess i'm not really "scared" but I just don't like it.

But I think I should go natural because I'm tired of straightening it, and straight hair, to me, is boring.

What are some updos for curly hair?

Oh my god, I have the same exact problem as you. I'm sick of straightening my hair as well but I'm afraid of what people might think of my natural wave.

Anyway, I know you probably here this a lot, but there is really no such thing as horrible hair (man, I have to take me own advice...). People might think straight is beautiful, but others think that curly is gorgeous. It really ddepends on peoples opinions. Have you seen another person with "bad hnatural hair"? I mean, there are peole who don't brush their hair and stuff, bbut still, there is no such thing as bad hair. However, there is always going to be at least one person who does not like your type of hairstyle, but you know what, Earth isn't a very fair planet and we have to take risks like that everyday.

Okay, here are some tips, what you could try doing is putting your hair up into a ponytail. Curly hair looks beauitful in a ponytail. You could try putting your hair up in a high ponytail for a taller, moving apperance, or in a low one for a calmer, out-and-about look. Either way, curly hair always looks gorgeous in a ponytail. Also, you could try putting it up into other hairtslyes, like a messy bun or updo look. To be honest, curly hair is very attractive and looks good in many different hairstyles.

You could also visit your hair saloon and see what your hair dresser reccomends. Maybe try getting a haircut or something else. Hair dressers know best and will give you proffessional examples of what you can do to your hair. They can show you examples of what curly hairstyles there are and you can see which type you can where. If there is one main hair person to go to, it's your hair dresser.

Also, a little note, if you are going to continue straightening your hair, make sure you don't straighten it everyday. Maybe once a week or so. They damage your hair, so also remember to use hair resistant spray as well.

Well, hope I helped, and best of luck to both of us! :)

To scruch my hair what should i use?

i just want it scruchie like curly. what kinda stuff should i use. im doin it for prom which is apr. 3. im doin it that day.

Well, is your hair straight or does it have a little bit of waves in it? If it's straight, I would not advise scrunching hair. I scrunch my hair, but since it's already pretty wavy, it tames my waves. I tried to scrunch my friends hair, but it is really straight and it did not work at all! Scrunching it made it look all oily and unkempt, so she washed it out. But if you really want to scrunch your hair, I would suggest something by Redkin. They had a great aerosol, foamy, scrunching prodcut, but it didn't last long for me. I think it's about $20 and it's in a green bottle. It worked really well for me! I hope this helps!! : )

Use products that are made to curl hair. You can get shampoo like Herbal Essence Totally Twisted which sets your hair up to be able to use other products to curl it. They also have a line of curl boosting mousse and and curl scrunching gel. I use these on my hair and it looks great and my hair is naturaly straight and usually doesn't hold much curl.

Moose and gel are great for that type of thing. Aussie Sprunch Spray can be bought at Wal-Mart and is AWESOME for scrunching hair! Go get it and it will work charms for that perfect Prom look.

i use garnier fructis mousse and sprunch spray and then scrunch it up in your hand and blow dry it.

This is excluding men, women in menopause, or a overgrowth hair disease thingy? Facial Hair?

Besides the above listed, why is the only facial hair on our face is eyebrows?

I mean, whats the point and purpose of eyebrows??

it's meant to keep sweat out of our eyes

How do you do the pefect hair bun without a sock?

you see my hair is in layers and its up to my shoulders and i want to do the perfect bun because its in my way so how do i do it without a sock bun

Try twisting it while it is in a pony-tail before you wind it into a bun. stick a bobby-pin in to hold the end in and then just use a normal hair-tie to hold.

If you do it down low it should stay neater for longer but then you might need to put some bobby-pins around your layers to keep them from flying out. Hope this helps :)

do a medium-low ponytail, twist the actual ponytail, (which might be hard if its got layers, if not just carry onto next step) then twist the twisted ponytail around the hair band and secure it with bobby pins or another hair band.

i think there are some videos on youtube you can look at

Use a few bobby pins all around the bun, it should stay.


I have hair all underneath my jawline, up on my cheeks, although not completely, a pretty full mustache, but I can't seem to grow ANY hair on my chin! Everyone else I know has it the other way around. They grow hair on their chin, but can't get any on the rest of their face.


Hi there,

just give it some time, sometimes it's hard to explain what the body is doing!

It might be that either: you have to have patience and just wait and see


maybe you have Native American blood in you? They don't really grow full beards. So that might be a consideration.

Good luck! :-)

y do men i mean boys ur only 16 lol like beards or any hair on there face i hate it its ugly plus its gross to kiss or when its growing in it hurts to kiss my advice SHAVE

Your only 16, give it time. im sure youll be able to grow hair on your chin eventually :]

well, your avatar do

Help me get wavy hair?

i want those beachy looking waves, but my hair is naturally straight and ive tried mousse but it doesnt work. heeeellp. :)

well what i do is use 'tresemme curl activator spray' its really easy to do and really cheap aswel. i just wash my hair as normal then after blow drying i literally drench my hair with the spray [you can just use a little if you want lol]. then curl as normal, sleep init and in the morning you'll have really loose curls, which are more like waves tbh with no fly aways (Y). Its amazing and it stays on until you wash your hair again, and the more you leave it the better it looks.

i hope i helped (:

Get a body wave, or just poorly curl your hair.

Or scrunch up your hair with styling gel/wax.

Can you get a box cut fade if you have a calac?


Calac? Do you mean a cowlick?

How should i blow dry my hair?

my hair is fine in texture but its VERY thick. it has a bit of wave but i usually try to straighten it when i blow dry because its ugly. i try to use a boar bristle round brush and it makes my hair really puffy and frizzy and its hard to get it through my hair. can some one give me step by step instructions on how to blow dry my hair properly? what kind of brush should i use? thanks!

How long is your hair? You can use a paddle brush, and blow it from side to side, working up sections starting in the back. It normally doesn't frizz this way if it's shoulder length or above.

blow dry your hair in layers

put half your hair up use a flat square brush then take down another part and do the same thing until the hair is completely dry. then to help the frizzy either take a dry sheet [yes the kind you throw into dryer with your clothes] if that doesnt work use a straightner after you finish drying your hair

I have a question...again.?

Do any of you think that the Mach 3 razor for men work good on us girls?

I used it, and yeah it was good, but it didn't give me a close enough shave.

It's the one that's sliver with 3 razors...

Thanks! :)

it is not good for girls and also not good to use on legs your hair will increase through it!!!

It should be OK.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have you ever been to the

If so, is it big? Large selection? I am planning on visiting NYC mainly to shop at that store. Worth it?

I would say that it is more than worth it. Some people say that their items are a little pricey, but it is my favorite store. It is not only located in NYC. They have stores all over the US. Try going to their website first, (I'm sure you'll like it) then make your mind up about going to the store. Shopping from their website is also cheaper. Good Luck!!!

I have one of those stores next to me. I personally, find their clothing line a bit "boring" like the one of "Banana Republic". NYC has too much "black clothes" and Banana Republic has pretty much everything in a "cream or beige" color.

How can i strip the blonde out of my hair?

I have naturaly brown hair and i recently highlighted it with blonde. I want to go back to my NATURAL color. How do i remove the blonde out of my hair?

I Was exactly the same! I Got blonde highlights and I wanted it back brown so go to your hair dressers, ask for a hair colour chart of brown hair and pick the one that is closest to your natural colour.

Ella xx

Going back to your natural hair color is hard, you would have to wait and have your hair grow so that a stylist could match up your natural color and dye your blonde hair back to normal. It would be best if you went to a stylist and asked them what to do. If you want to be cheap about it, you could go to a beauty school and have one of the students fix it for less money.. or you could always try to do it yourself....but I highly recommend seeing a stylist. Good luck!

i did the same thing and i just dyed it brown.the color will start to fade back to blonde though and i just recently had to dye it brown again but i think that would be the last time because the brown hair color has something to stick to-the first brown hair dye-i hope that helped-and remember to pick the lighter color or it will turn out way dark!

You can't remove bleach from your hair. You are going to half to re dye it

you can't.

you just have to redye it brown.

Where there many females wearing sports bras in the mid 1980s? what did they look like?

They looked basically the same as they do now.

more than there was now.

and they looked about the same.

The five blade razor and the three blade razor?

is there really a difference? is the 5 lade better than the 3 blade?

I never thought I would go for something as ridiculous as a 5 blade razor, then my gf bought me one, so I started using it.

I like it a lot. In fact, after using it for a couple years, I decided to go back to my old razor (because replacement blades are more expensive) and the experience was terrible. I had to relearn how to shave carefully, so as not to cut myself.

I asked for blades for xmas, and and am using my 5 blade again. I guess I'm hooked.

I think it's better.

The 5 blade gives a closer shave, but you are more likely to cut yourself.

When does the air yeezys come out and price and sizes legit to?

nike air yeezys i hear they come out on april 2nd but wadd stores

i dont know but some were sold on ebay for $1800 so....

Does make-up make someone in their 20s look older?

I think that it all depends. It depends on the person and how much makeup that person may wear. Some people also may look older for their age as well and the makeup depending how they wear it could help or hurt.

How to look hot for school in 5th grade.?

ok i am in 5th grade i am single and no one like me but we Wear uniform and the colors are shirt (Navy,white,light blue) Pants (jeans i like only jeans lolz) So please help me and i dont really wear make up so no make up.thanks alot bye n i am 11 years old ok bye.

your in 5th grade you dont need to "look hot" .. when you grow up wear makeup and do your hair and wear nice clothes but for now.. be a kid

okay..well I remember when I was 11, I wanted to look hot too. but now whenever i look back on it and like, re-read journals or something...I feel really stupid. Like, I was in 5th grade! So don't try to be like made up or anything. I didn't start wearing make up other than lip gloss till the end of my 7th grade year. by then time your even in 6th grade you'll look at the 5th graders who are trying so hard and, chances are, you'll laugh. If you really wanna change your style, do it cause you wanna change something, not to be any hotter.

You've been kind of vague on what you actually look like, depending on if your hair is straight or curly, you should maybe try a different hairstyle, or styling it differently. If it's really long, maybe you should get it cut. Layers are good for almost any type of hair, same with high and low lights.

Maybe you could buy a scarf and wear it around the collar of your shirt (if you have collars on your shirt and this isn't out of dress code). Find ways AROUND your uniform to make it more "in style". But, please keep in mind that as you grow older, you'll probably look back and think "wow. I was really young. I wonder why I wanted to do that."

um dont worry about it you have like a million yrs to go b4 u need to worry about dating

im not going to lie i have a lot of guys that are interested in me, but im only 16 i dont need to date and ur 11, you deffffffff dont need to

dont worry bout lookin hott until at least high school lol

well i'm in 5th grade but i dont have to wear uniform but i think you should wear your hair down and get it done and you should wear lots of accesories

why do you want to look hot? you wont know any of them in years, and if you get a boyfriend its not going to mean a thing, you will most likely never see him again once your 14.

your 11 it doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend right now im not saying that to be mean or anything but it really doesn't mean anything. and 11 year olds can look "cute" but not hot haha.


ok first of all i am in seventh grade and no one "likes" me but i don't care so why should you in 5th grade come on knd your killing me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no way you are worried about this in the 5th grade, go play with some toys.


earrings, necklace etc

your 11!

no one cares if you look hot or not,you still have a couple of years before you need to worry about this

lol i was eleven for paart of 7th grade

yrr defiantly don't need a boyfriend in 5th grade at least wait till your olderr. my goshh.

u dont need to look hot.......! your what?5?

Well, straightening your hair, dying it or getting it layered might do you some good. But, start wearing make up next year.

Is it illegal to get a makeover at a place like MAC or Sephora, then not pay for the products?

most makeovers are free,it shouldn't be should be ok.they give you makeovers to get you to buy their products,,and you don't have to buy..

What everyone else has failed to mention is that the makeup artists at makeup counters are paid by the hour, not by the customer they make over. If you have to pay for the service, they tell you beforehand.

But in all my years of living I have never heard of paying for a makeover at a makeup counter. its a courtesy that their company provides its customers in HOPES that the costumers will buy.

Remember, they are paid by the hour and maybe they sometimes get commission on what they sell, they usually don't and can not charge for a courtesy makeover unless they tell you there is a fee.

So be on notice.

Good Luck

I'm not entirely sure if this is true for all MAC and Sephora stores, but I know most require a purchase of $50 or more (for MAC, but I'm not sure about Sephora) before they give you a makeover. However, you can ask some of the makeup artists to test some of the products on you if you are interested in them. Getting a complete makeover with no intention of actually buying anything is extremely rude though.

I don't know that it is illegal, but it is scummy.

A lot of cosmetic lines offer free makeovers with the hopes that you will indeed buy some or all of the products. But if you agree to purchase product in exchange for a makeover, you are breaking the agreement. Whether the store chooses to pursue it, is up to them.

Hahaa no it's not illegal.

You can do it, then say you'll come back after looking at other booths and just ditch them. You don't even need an excuse like that, it just seems a little nicer.

Also, you can schedule to get a proper makeover from them if you don't just wanna act like you're trying on the product.

Hope this helped :)

Hahaha! I have never had it done at either of those places, but at the Clinique counter I have done that. However as a courtesy, I did tell the woman I didn't plan on buying the products before hand. She looked bored anyways...I look at it in the terms of I gave her something to do.

No, unless they tell you up front that you have to pay them, it's legal.

What they're trying to do is show you the product on you so that hopefully you'll like it and want to buy it.

you have to pay them because they gave you a makeover but not the products. You're paying for the service not the actually product.

I don't know but that's extremely disrespectful. If I did all of that work on you to try and get you to buy something so I can do my job and make money.. and you just walk out. I'd be very upset.

NO not at all.....they offer "free" makeovers so you can test their products, there should be no pressure for you to buy something. Those are 2 of my favorite makeup products, good taste.

i don't think it is illegal, unless you scheduled an appointment and just leave without paying for it.

Oh gosh, no!

A lot of the time,

they will even give you free samples!

Just say "I want to think about it"

or "Id like to try it..."


Well obviosly if others HAVE to pay and you normally have to pay, then it is illegal. Kind of like theft.

if u have to pay to get the makeover, then yes, it is illegal.

Of course. It is called theft of service.

You are going to burn forever in hell as well.

No they do this solely to show you what that product looks like on you. Who told you that?????

prolly not

i try on clothes i dunt buy, heheh.

They hate me for tht...

Are piercings trashy?

So I had a question do you think tattoos are trashy and people do. So I was wondering do you think piercings are trashy because my friend just got her belly button pierced and I'm getting a tattoo.We are 14.

just remember that you're not a painting canvas or a human pincushion, and moderation and subtlety are the best

Hey anndi08,

I think its really silly to get a tattoo at 14, to be honest what will your parents say and if you don't tell them and get a serious infection if you have it done at a place which is piercing you illegally you and the tattooist will be in serious trouble, he/she could lose their parlour and be ordered to pay a lot of money. You can't have your belly done until I think its 16 and you won't be allowed a tattoo by legal tattooist to be done. Your have to wait until i believe its 18. Wait until your a bit older and then think again about it. Piercings and deffo tattoos are a big step!


i don't see how they are trashy. Do people consider ear Piercings trashy i don't think so. Besides it's your body and you should be able to make your own responsible decisions as long as you know the consequences. Also i think piercings and tattoos let you express yourself, but i think 14 is a little to young for a tattoo.

um, I think that at your age you're way to young. at age 14 piercings would be a better way to go if any. but I would wait till your AT LEAST a junior in high school. as for tattoos at such a young age, that's ridiculous. I got my first one when I was 18. which is actually when you're "of age" to be getting piercings and tattoos in the first place. otherwise you need a parents approval. --- so I'd say just wait. and if you NEED to do something, make sure it's not a tattoo. not yet. good luck!

Umm..I think belly button piercings at 14 is and what are you thinking getting a tattoo at 14? Have fun either trying to get a shop to actually tattoo you and have fun a year from now hating your tattoo.

well they mostly are, especially if you have a lot

what wil you really accomplish if you get one. sure you feel that temporary high for a bit but then you dont really care anymore and will want another

tatttooos are very trashy, gross and a huge turn off.

piercings... depends what you have, how many you have, how you wear them, how you carry yourself... a belly ring isn't trashy

Don't listen to people. If you know that you want a tattoo for the rest of your life then go for it. I don't think there tattoos or piercing are trashy. I think it looks sexy.

Have fun regretting that tattoo in 10 years.

no i dont..but u have to b sure its something your not going to regret in like 10 years.

and your parents are gona let you get a tattoo and your 14?!?! lucky.

yes, they can be. And tattoos are a bad idea cuz when ur 80 that tattoo will be saggin in places u didnt know existed

Ok I Am Egyptian But . . .?

Hey I Am A 17 Year Old Egyptian , I Just Look Egyptian ( Smooth Dark Hair , Dark Eyes , Tanned Skin , Medium Sized Nose , Long Mouth , 6.2 Feet Tall & Dimples On Left Cheek ) I Mean All Egyptians Have Those Features But On Friendster ( Something Like Facebook But Full Of Asians ) All Think I Am Cute But When I Post A Pic Here 5 Out Of 15 Girls Say I Am Cute , Can I Know Why Is That , Isn't Cute Is Cute Anywhere ? !

Different people have different ideas of what's -cute-. Asian girls are cute and Scandinavian girls are cute but they both look very different. Egyptian girls are cute in their own way. I have seen some very beautiful Egyptian girls!

It's like if you go to see a movie and it isn't what you expected. A lot of people will just be disappointed, they will say it wasn't a good movie. Other people will say 'Well, it wasn't what I expected' and then they will watch carefully to see what kind of movie it is, and they might enjoy it even more. 'Cute' is like that. If you think a particular kind of girl is pretty, when you see a different kind of girl it's not fair to judge her by that same standard.

And it's the same for you, it's not right for you to compare yourself to Japanese girls or Irish girls. You will never have blue eyes or long red hair. 8^) But you could be very beautiful for what you are!

um, dont ask the question if you cant handle the answer. they dont think youre cute. get over it. and get some personality- being obsessed with looks is pathetic and it makes the person automatically ugly.

The definition of cute is different to everyone. A lot of people think Brad Pitt is hot. I think he was hot in the days of 'Fight Club' but not so much anymore. Peoples tastes are not universally the same.

Cute is different to different cultures.

Can you post a pic so i can see..please?

Can we see a picture?

My hair ????????????????

Well, I wash my hair everyday. I know it's not good but I just have too, it's a habit for me. Well, it's not so smooth if I don't straighten it, I think it's just me thinking that. Anyways, how can I make my hair more smooth and is it bad to wash my hair everyday?

It all depends on the type of hair you have. Start with choosing the type of shampoo that suits either you hair or hair problem and always remember to condition too. Keep changing you hairbrush often when your brush is new the ends of each "bristle" is harder which stimulates your follicle for healthy, shiny and smooth hair. I hope this answer helps :)

it is meant to be bad to wash your hair every day because natural grease is good for your hair. i wash my hair everyday and it is a little dry. you should make sure that you use conditioner. you should also try putting yogurt on your hair. it adds a lot of health and nutrients to it. also, you could put egg on your hair for around 30 min. that will add protein and make it healthy and smooth.

i want to say that u use good shampoo and must use conditioner with every wash..i am a male having long hair..and i do it and it's really works..

and ONE IMPORTANT THING..try to not combing in wet hair..using comb in wet hair may cause of loosing hair..and when your hairs are wet u use long distance comb as much possible...

get a shampoo with shampoo AND conditioner and then get a really good kind of conditioner and use that too.

and i don't think it's that bad to wash your hair everyday because if you don't it gets really oily and nasty and it just looks gross.

yes it is bad to wash your hair everyday....and actually if you wash it every other day(better if it is every third day) it will get smoother...cause it will be healthier!!!!

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