Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is the difference between denim leggings and super skinny jeans?

r they the same?
Denim leggings usually are a pull-on style, without pockets or a zipper, and made of a super-stretchy material. They are meant to be worn with a long shirt or a tunic.

Super skinny jeans are cut just like regular jeans but with a very, very slim leg. They have less spandex in them than the legging version.

I have also seen some companies putting a zipper and pockets on their denim leggings, so they can be worn like pants and not as much like leggings.
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Noo demi leggings are just like leggings so theyre strechy and have an elastic waist, theyre just made out of jean material. Skinny jeans are actually tight jeans.

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