Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New school style, for 7th grade.?

Im going into 7th grade, and I kind of want to change my stile, I have long layered light brown hair, and also in the summer time gets hi lights in it, but you cant notice them very much. That goes down to the middle of my back, sort of wavy too. I also have grown out bangs, and I dont know if to get side bangs... I have ice blue eyes. I am 5 ft, and mostly all legs. I am really skinny and I the winter I always wore Uggs and I need some ideas of shoes too, that will all most go with every thing. I wore layered clothes and I only had about 10 aeropstale shirts, and thats it. I always wore white DC shoes. And I was wondering if I should wear more Hollister, American eagle, and Abercrombie

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