Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After school detention writing lines?

hi, i had detention after school last night for 2hrs after school and iv got another one tomorrow, coz i was rude to miss sharpe, she told me i have detention after school for 2hrs for two days. Iv done my first detention and i got given loads of lines to write, which really made my hand and fingers ache!!!

Two other girls were in detention aswell and like me had to do lines in detention and it was horrible coz all i did was write my lines and look at the clock until 5.30, then i went home. But i guess i shouldnt have misbehaved etc,..I used my blue biro for detention yesterday (just used the same pen at school today) and iv got red painted nails so dunno if that makes a difference?! I got soooo bored in detention so decided to draw on the back and side of my left hand, so now i have blue pen on my hand lol.....:(

Im in year 10, and im sure coursework would have been better than lines?

Any ideas on a nice pen to use for detention tomorrow nite or how to stop my hand and fingers aching?

kayleigh xxx
It does not sound as if you care much for the fact that you were rude to Miss Sharpe perhaps a written apology might help I think 4 hours detention seems a bit steep unless of course being rude is your usual behaviour. Whatever pen you use I am afraid you will have writers cramp after 2 hours. Good Luck.

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