Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How do i look like this?

Well I have this date soon and im really nervous and im scared that i wont look pretty, i want to wear this http://www.j-lou.com/shopimages/products and some white sandals, but how do i get my hair and make-up like this?


thanks xx
Hi! I hope this Helps! :)


You can apply concealer, foudation, and powder if you need it or not. Thats up to you :]


Define your eyebrows. Use a Eyebrow pencil and lightly shade your brows. Follow the natural shape of your brows :]

Take liquid eyeliner and line your upper lashline. Dont make the line too thin but enough for people to see. Use a little bit of liner and curve upwards at the end of your eye.

Now for the eye shadow. Take light earth tone color like a sandy shimmery color and apply it all over your lid. This will be used as a base. (Up to your brow bone)

Take a subtle gold shimmer eyeshadow and line above the eyeliner. Follow the first crease of your eye as a pattern.

Now, Take a warm brown matte eye shadow and apply it to your outer v (outer contour of your eye) and dust it above the gold eyeshadow. Basically, just line above the gold and make it a little dark. When you apply it to your outer-v, make a soft wing. and blend. Blend this color up to your brow bone, lightly.

Looks like she used fake lashes, if you dont want to use them, gently curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara.


She dusted a light pink blush along the highpoints of her face and a little on the apples of her cheeks. So, locate your cheek bones and dust along there. Then smile and bring the color up a little bit.

LIPS: She used a light pale pink (or nude) lipstick and applied a clear lipgloss.


Here is a video on how to do quick 5 min curls :] I hoped this helps!!

Girl, that outfit is GORGEOUS !

First off, the model is wearing an earth-toned shimmery brown smokey eye and some neutral gloss a few tones darker than her actual skin color, it has a bit of a sheer shine to it.

She also has fake eyelashes on to add an extra POP to her eyes.

Place a light shimmery bronze color lightly all over your lid. Blend it out, keeping the color but creating a

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