Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Advice on bangs/fringe

Okay so i want my fringe cut full. But is it possible to put to the side too? :L

I want to have it put to the side most the time, BUT my hair is awfully awkward at time.

If you sugest getting a side fringe cut, the reason i dont want to is because it always goes flimpsy, i want it to be THICK.

Thanks (: x
I have a full fringe and I can do so much with it. Its really easy to put it to the side, just sweep it to the side when your hair is wet and it will dry that way. You could make your fringe look thicker by making it start further back on your head (like me) or use products to volumise the hair.

Hope I Helped :)
I have bangs/fringe that can be worn straight across, or with a swoop to the side. I mean, they

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