Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the past 3 days ive been upset about my appearence?

ok im upset about the way i look im 11 years old size C cup and 115 pounds

it all started when i looked in the mirror.. i just looked and tears welled up in my eyes and i dont have depression... i really didnt care about how i looked before even though i used to go rollerblading every day and then i just stopped... i have the shape-ups but dont use them very often... any advice tips??
naa the section is cool.

your 11. your really young to call your self ugly or be depressed about it. i no this doesnt help but your features change when you get older.

if your patient you will become pretty than you think.

ive wasnt pretty since i was 10 and im 16 now and my features have changed and i get compliments when i go out.

their is no need to go on a diet. exercise is good at your age so yaa 45 min walk every week.

your cup size. dont get to unselfconscious by that because seriously when you grow up you will be thankful that you have got some. some girls are AA when their 14 xD

mine were big (age 10 B cup). i was unselfconscious. now im proud of mine. they havent grown or shrunk. well become firmer. this will happen to your breast.

xD hoppee i helped.
your young try to have fun while exerciseing go dancing, rollerblading with your friends. your just 11 try and have fun dont think about it to much just try and have fun while doing whats right for your body. hope i could help
when I was 11, I hated my body and everything about my appearance - I felt I was fat and ugly, plus I have auburn, curly hair that I was teased for.

now a couple of years later I can safely say it has changed. the puppy fat fell off, and my face completely changed, plus I got lots taller and now I can *shock horror* walk down the street without trying to hide my face!

i can assure you that you still have plenty of growing to do, so don

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